Manag-E & InXight create synergy without using the word!

1+ 1 is more than 2. The digitization company Manag-E and the software company InXight have decided to demonstrate this to their customers. Therefore, they have entered a tight, strategic collaboration.

– This will be felt regardless of whether you are in management and responsible for strategy or you are in operations and have to carry out what management decides.

Rolf Frydenberg, general manager of Manag-E, says that roughly there are two levels in any business: The strategy level at the top – and the operational level further down. Or put another way: Those who plan, and those who bring their ideas into reality.

– As a business you need both. There are many managers who are tired of thinking: «We have a great strategy, but is it really being followed through?» “Will anything come of it?” And vice versa, you have employees who are assigned tasks they do not understand the reason for. «What? How does this relate to all my other tasks?” The risk is high that they will put the task at the bottom of the pile and think: «I’ll deal with this later».


Rolf Frydenberg, General Manager, Manag-E Nordic AS


Better management at the top, more meaning throughout

Where the software company InXight delivers solutions for businesses that want to manage innovation processes, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and sustainability strategies and risk assessments, the digitization company Manag-E takes care of the handling and case management of such processes in practice.

The two companies will cooperate in terms of sales. But the most important thing is that they merge technologically. The collaboration could quickly make the word «synergy effect» buzz. But let’s not fall into that trap.

– No matter what kind of plan or strategy we are talking about, it means that something must be changed by someone, says Rolf Frydenberg.

– If you connect the two levels together, you get an additional value that you would not have received otherwise. You get more control at the top, and that control makes sense when it is to be executed. This is where the great value lies for our customers.

A sentiment that is echoed by technology director Anders Holte at InXight:

– This is going to make life easier for our customers, because they get a greater overview and more functionality in products they already know well.

Rolf Frydenberg adds:

– We simply bring the operational and the strategic levels together. In this way, we can ensure that those at the top have better control, and those who will carry out the nitty gritty, can go from narrow, isolated individual tasks to understanding why exactly this is important for our overall business.


Anders Holte, Technology Director, InXight AS

Rolf Frydenberg, General Manager, Manag-E Nordic AS: | +47 901 27 992

Anders Holte, Technology Director, InXight AS: | +47 930 53 411